From Design to Production

Rethink your composite waste

Fibereuse Tech helps companies implement Circular Economy solutions by transforming waste into new high value products.

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Our Technology to implement Circular Economy solutions in the Reinforced Plastic sector.

We have patented a Cyber Physical System (CPS) to control and optimize size reduction processes based on a demand-driven cross-sectoral approach. Thanks to our software it is possible to predict the size distribution of the output material of a grinding process, enabling recycling.

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We help you rethink your production processes

We have expertise in reprocessing material with several technologies: open and closed mold casting, pultrusion, lamination, BMC and SMC, RTM, non-woven mat and many more.

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Wind Turbine

Not just theory, we do practical tests!

We offer a range of services, from size reduction tests for different materials to development of prototypes with recycled material.

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Landfill Deposits

Do the full-cycle in house or connect to external demand

From designing a recycling plant for internal production scraps to finding an external service provider to match your needs.

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Airplane Wing

Want to recycle the reinforced plastic you produce and optimize your processes?

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